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2014/2015 Season Artists

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2014/2015 Season Artists
Left Channel

Ye Hongxing

In Studio: September 6 – October 5, 2014
On Exhibit: through November 1, 2014

Beijing-based artist Ye Hongxing uses stickers and crystals to create large-scale collages on canvas, bright in color and mesmerizing in the complex compositions that juxtapose traditional Chinese imagery with the joyously psychedelic.


Ann Weber

In Studio: November 15 – December 13, 2014
On Exhibit: through January 10, 2015

Ann Weber’s cardboard sculptures explore possibilities of scale, impact, and ultimately beauty. The bigger-than-life sculptures are neither entirely representational nor abstract, and transform the mundane material into anthropomorphic figures and other natural forms.


Julian Kreimer

In Studio: January 24 – February 21, 2015
On Exhibit: through March 21, 2015

Landscapes and abstractions seamlessly relate in Julian Kreimer’s oil paintings as he explores the terrain between the two. Lush color combinations applied in quick, fluid strokes are built into dense layers to create windows into Kreimer’s environments, both recognizable and contemplative.

Ebony G. Patterson

In Studio: April 4 – May 2, 2015
On Exhibit: through May 30, 2015

Kingston-born Ebony G. Patteron’s work tells the untold stories of Jamaica through her self-described “shiney” mixed media works as she investigates contemporary Jamaican dancehall culture, and the construction of self within the bling and fabricated garments of the Jamaican working class.


Squeak Carnwath

In Studio: June 13 – July 11, 2015
On Exhibit: through August 8, 2015

Drawing upon the philosophical and mundane experiences of contemporary life, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus  Squeak Carnwath mixes familiar images with patterns of numbers and colors that she then overlays with words. Hers is an internal dialogue laid bare for all to see.


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