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2013/2014 Season Artists

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2013/2014 Season Artists
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Matthew Cusick

In Studio: September 5 – October 5
On Exhibit: through October 26, 2013

Texas-based collage strategist Matthew Cusick threads complex source material like map fragments and textbooks into rich imagery on the picture plane. These inlaid constructs create freeways, portraits and ocean waves that are both organic and controlled.

Melora Kuhn

In Studio: November 7 – December 7
On Exhibit: through December 28, 2013

The portraits of Melora Kuhn examine issues of identity, history and personal vs. public spheres. Painting, sculpture, and installation all play a role in her exploration of classic narratives filled with stately figures and poetic interpretations of inner and outer realms. 


Marcus Kenney

In Studio: January 9 – February 8
On Exhibit: through March 8, 2014

Poverty, alienation, and social injustice are frequent themes in the multimedia works of Georgian painter and sculptor Marcus Kenney. His subjects, both humorous and macabre, suggest Southern Gothic dramas with folksy cross-cultural references.

Jarmo Mäkilä

In Studio: March 20 – April 12
On Exhibit: through May 24, 2014

The large-scale autographical paintings of Jarmo Mäkilä reflect personal childhood memories and the mythology of his native Finland. Ritualistic scenes of boys playing cruel games are a favorite subject. 


Beverly Penn

In Studio: June 5 – July 5
On Exhibit: through July 26, 2014

Weeds rather than flowers are the source material for Penn’s tenderly crafted bronze sculptures. The fragile balance between the natural world and the manufactured environment is everywhere.



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