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Valise Project

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Valise Project
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Lux created The Valise Project in 2000 as a way to reintroduce art into the classroom. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp, who carried miniatures of his work inside a suitcase, Lux commissions portable works of art that double as powerful interdisciplinary teaching tools. The valises travel to hundreds of classrooms around San Diego County each year, giving students a rare up-close and hands-on experience with museum-quality art.
In Your Classroom
How it works: A Lux teacher will bring a valise to your classroom and lead an interactive 2-hour presentation and project focused on the valise. Prior to the presentation the classroom teacher will be given access to a teaching guide that suggests ideas for incorporating The Valise Project into appropriate grade-level curriculum. Valise programs are also available for senior centers and community organizations.
Cost: Non Title 1 Schools: $13/child; Title 1 Schools: $8/child. Multiple presentations offered at discounted rate. Complete the Valise Project Request for more information on pricing.

Presentations should be scheduled at least a month in advance for best availability.
Email or for more information.
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See The Valises
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American Roadshow

Todd Noe

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Jean Lowe


Astrid Preston

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Daniel Wheeler

Bird Palace

Joan Bankemper

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Allison Moritsugu

The Naturalist

Gail Roberts

PB&J Sandwich

Andy Yoder

Real Image

Ruben Ochoa

Run-off Dolphin

Kim Abeles

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Jim Lawrence

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