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Valise Project

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Valise Project
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Lux created The Valise Project in 2000 as a way to reintroduce art into the classroom. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp, who carried miniatures of his work inside a suitcase, Lux commissions portable works of art that double as powerful interdisciplinary teaching tools. The valises travel to hundreds of classrooms around San Diego County each year, giving students a rare up-close and hands-on experience with museum-quality art.
In Your Classroom
How it works: A Lux teacher will bring a valise to your classroom and lead an interactive 2-hour presentation and project focused on the valise. Prior to the presentation the classroom teacher will be given access to a teaching guide that suggests ideas for incorporating The Valise Project into appropriate grade-level curriculum. Valise programs are also available for senior centers and community organizations.
Cost: Non Title 1 Schools: $13/child; Title 1 Schools: $8/child. Multiple presentations offered at discounted rate. Complete the Valise Project Request for more information on pricing.

Presentations should be scheduled at least a month in advance for best availability.
Email or for more information.
The Valise Project is graciously supported by Coastal Community Foundation, providing substantial grant funding to instructors across North County San Diego. Additional support provided by the David T. and Dorris E. Staples Foundation, the Carlsbad Education Foundation, and the Nordson Corporation Foundation.
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