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Summer Art Camp


Monday, June 26, 2017 to Friday, August 11, 2017




Education Pavilion


Kids 4+


$275/week members | $350/week guests


760.436.6611 |


Join us for 6 weeks of fun including friendly team competitions and weekly themes to challenge and build your artist's creativity. Students will spend a week learning about contemporary art while making new friends and viewing their incredible art professionally displayed during the Summer Art Camp exhibition. 



9:00AM-2:00PM each day with extended day options available.

COST | $275 Family Membership+| $350 guests per week 


Week 1: (June 26th- 30th): Time Machine 
Students will reimagine historical styles to create new contemporary versions of the past. From primitivism to modernity, a wide variety of approaches will be sampled from throughout the human continuum. 

Week 2: (July 10th - 14th): Cultural Studio 
If your student has ever wondered what it is like to live in another country, they are in for a treat! Students will study and produce traditional arts and crafts that shape the lives of people living outside of the United States.

Week 3: (July 17th-21st): Do-it-Yourself 
Students will engage in methods of building, modifying and transforming everyday objects into unique, craftsman-like constructs without the direct aid of an expert or professional. Students will learn how to improvise in making things for themselves from cost-efficient materials.

Week 4: (July 24th-28th) : Good Earth 
Students will reacquaint themselves with left-over materials such as plastic, paper, styrofoam and other found ephemera to create artwork that cultivates resourceful thinking and a caring attitude towards natural resources. 

Week 5: (July 31st - August 4th): 20th Century 
As a period of enormous change, the 20th century will serve as a conduit for producing a wide variety of artwork inspired by the most influential developments in visual arts. Projects will take inspiration from street art, found objects, installation, crafts, printed media and fashion. 

Week 6: (August 7th - 11th): Building Design 
Architecture tells the story of how people have lived for thousands of years. Structures such as tents, skyscrapers, pyramids, windows, highways and floors will serve as the foundation for a variety of craft projects.


Add on extended art-making opportunities:
Daily 8:30-9am | $5 members |$10 guests/day
Daily 2-3pm | $10 members |$20guests/day 


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