Lux Virtual Backgrounds

Need a change of environment while Zooming in today's digital world? Here are some images to place you at Lux while in your meeting. You'll always be elegant in these beautiful museum environments. Simply right click and "Save Image As" on your laptop or desktop or Tap and Hold on your tablet or cell phone to download the image.


Backgrounds of Lux

 Lux's Artist Pavilion view from Nature Trail


Backgrounds of Kahn & Selesnick's Artist Residency

Image of Kahn & Selesnick works in a grid on a wall


Two Kahn & Selesnick images side-by-side - Left image bust of man covered in yellow feathers - Right image sepia toned image of man asleep in row boat


Two Kahn & Selesnick Images side-by-side - Left image of three women hovering above man laying on rock - Right image sepia toned image of two women in flowered costumes holding hands in lake


Kahn & Selesnick works in a grid with solid beige background in center


Installation of Kahn & Selesnick at Lux - Sculptural best covered in black feathers with top hat in front of series of posters