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Lux Announces Season 9

Thursday, July 9, 2015
By Jim Chute
San Diego Union Tribune

With Squeak Carnwath, Lux’s final artist-in-residence for 2014-15, completing her residency this week, Lux Art Institute in Encinitas has announced its slate of artists for 2015-26. Like Carnwath, they will live and work at Lux for approximately a month, and then their work, including the pieces they made during the residency, will be on display for an additional month (Carnwath’s work will be on exhibit through Aug. 8).

Here’s Lux’s 2015-16 artist lineup:

Max Greis (New York)

In residence Sept. 12-Oct. 3, 2015; on exhibit through Oct. 31

From the artist’s statement: “I create landscapes that reflect this theme (of a radically changing world, from global warming and the loss of ecosystems to the destruction of indigenous cultures), penetrating time and space in an exploration of this process of transformation. Whether in painting, video, or diorama, I utilize collage built from many individual landscape scenes, seamlessly blended together to construct a globalized vision. The world that emerges is composed of my forms, thoughts, and narratives. I call it the Archaic Armageddon.”

At Lux: Gries will take the train from New York to San Diego, and based on that experience, create one of his unique landscapes that is part painting, part photo collage and part video.

Charles Moxon (London)

In residence Nov. 14-Dec. 5; on exhibit through Jan. 2

From the artist’s bio: “Charles Moxon’s portraits draw on past techniques, in particular those of the Dutch 17th-century Old Masters. He combines these traditional techniques with the added observational detail and hyper-reality of contemporary photorealism. His use of lighting and fluid paint strokes is reminiscent of Vermeer, with a similar layering of transparent glazes to create depth.”

At Lux: Moxon wants to explore painting performers. He’ll paint a portrait, or portraits, of a local actor, surfer, musician, or some other performer.

Sophia Narrett (Brooklyn)

In residence Jan. 16-Feb. 13; on exhibit through March 12

From the artist’s CV: 2015 solo exhibition at New York’s Arts+Leisure, “This Meant Nothing”; 2015 group exhibition with Kenya Robinson and Doreen Garner at New York’s Cindy Rucker Gallery, “Pussy Don’t Fail Me Now.”

At Lux: Narrett, whose preferred medium is thread and fabric, will create works exploring the convergence of pop culture and personal experience.

Margaret Griffith (Los Angeles)

In residence March 26-April 16; on exhibit through May 28

From the artist’s statement: “Most recently, as symbols of passages, boundaries and privacy, I have been photographing residential front gates found in my Highland Park neighborhood. I am then projecting the images on to paper and cutting out the negative space resulting in life size paper replicas. The forms are then piled on top of each other on the floor and wall creating a three dimensional abstraction of pattern, line, shape and mass. I am looking at how a community visually defines itself by the boundaries it constructs through metaphorical relationships found within urbanism. As symbols of theft, fear, isolation and possession, gates represent confinement as well as protection.”

At Lux: Griffith will work on several gate pieces, perhaps inspired by gates near Lux, but instead of paper, she’ll use alternative materials including copper, brass and aluminum.

Angela Kallus (Fort Worth)

In residence June 11-July 9; on exhibit through July 31

From Lux: “Kallus creates relief paintings using cake decorator’s tools. The acrylic rosettes thus created cover her panels in blooms that at once embrace and upend traditional symbols of femininity and romance.”

At Lux: Kallus will create one large work and four small works, incorporating thousands of her signature blossoms.

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