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Season 9 Resident Artists

Friday, July 10, 2015
By Lux Art Institute
Lux Art Institute

Max Greis

In Studio: September 12–October 3, 2015

On exhibit: through October 31, 2015

Max Greis’ work is preoccupied with the ways in which our post-industrial world has altered our relationship with nature. He utilizes collage built from landscape scenes that construct apocalyptic panoramas evoking history, war, and conquest.

Charles Moxon

In Studio: November 14–December 5, 2015

On exhibit: through January 2, 2016

With lighting and fluid brushstrokes Charles Moxon’s portraits are reminiscent of the 17th century Dutch Old Masters. Often using actors and models as his subjects, Moxon has found a way to explore the theme of performance both on the stage and in everyday life.

Sophia Narrett

In Studio: January 16 – Februar y6, 2016

On exhibit: through March 12, 2016

The embroidered paintings of Massachusetts native, Sophia Narrett, provide a setting for what she calls “honest fantasy”. Influenced by Hieronymus Bosch, they envelope her own experience as well as societal fantasies about desire, identity, and gender.

Margaret Griffith

In Studio: March 26–April 16, 2016

On exhibit: through May 28, 2016

Margaret Griffith reinterprets urban and residential landscape by reimagining a ubiquitous structure – the residential gate – as a metaphor for urban boundaries. She questions the visual borders we construct and their use for protection, privacy, isolation, and confinement.

Angela Kallus

In Studio: June 11 – July 9, 2016

On exhibit: through July 30, 2016

Texas-based Angela Kallus creates relief paintings using cake decorator’s tools. The acrylic rosettes thus created cover her panels in blooms that at once embrace and upend traditional symbols of femininity and romance.

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