Insiders Event Series

As a Lux Collective Member gain special invitations to our Insiders Event Series. Members gain exclusive access to artist studios, private collections, and day-long excursions of regional art destinations led by Lux’s Associate Curator or Executive Director! Discounted and free events will be available throughout the year to our Collective Members. Lux's Insiders Series includes Local Studio Visits, Art Excursions and Studio Tours, Art Collector Home Tours, and Educational Workshops!

Upcoming Insiders Events Include: 

- July 15, 2021: Vancouver Studio Visit with Artist-in-Residence Christine Howard Sandoval [Virtual]
-November 13, 2021: Outdoor Sculpture Tour at Liberty Station


Past Insiders Events
- January 18, 2020: Griselda Rosas Studio Visit
March 14, 2020: Joshua Tree 
- August 7, 2020: Los Angeles Art Collector Home Tour with Howard Stevens
September 5, 2020: Virtual Studio Visit with Regional Artist Beliz Iristay

 - November 11, 2020: Virtual Art Collector Home Tour with Jose Dario Gutierrez

November 17, 2020: L.A. Multi-Studio & Gallery Virtual Tour

 - January 8, 2021: Virtual Kansas City Collector Home tour with John & Sharon Hoffman

- January 22, 2021: Los Angeles Gallery Virtual Visit with Commonwealth & Council

- February 5, 2021: Virtual Home Tour with Anat Ebgi

- April 2, 2021: Virtual Los Angeles Gallery Visit with Shulamit Nazarian

- April 23, 2021: Virtual Mexico City Art Collector Home Tour with Fernando Botero Jr.

- May 6, 2021: Virtual Gallery Tour with New York Gallery Simone Subal

For more information about our Insiders Event Series or our Collective Membership offerings please contact Membership Coordinator Stephanie Dao at or at (760) 436-6611 ext. 203