Lux's Commitment to the Environment


LUX IS ABOUT Creative Problem Solving

Solar Energy is a creative solution to the problem of how we power art education, community events, and exceptional art experiences at Lux and in our community. As San Diego shifts towards solving local and global environmental problems through a goal of becoming 100% renewable by 2035, Lux is leading the way with an ambitious solar energy plan that generates 113% of Lux’s energy needs. Our solar program includes two free EV charging stations for the community, thanks to Build Brothers.


LUX IS ABOUT Community

The EV chargers outside the Education Pavilion will help fulfill the growing need of many EV drivers in San Diego; According to CleanTech San Diego (2019), there are over 47,000 electric vehicles in San Diego California and only 1,600 public charging stations.


Lux is About Awareness

Thanks to the commitment of our donors, Lux’s Artist Pavilion was designed and built with sustainable standards, reducing Lux’s carbon footprint and leading the way in sustainability. As the first LEED Certified museum in San Diego, situated on six acres of native biodiverse chaparral, including the rare Del Mar Manzanita, Lux is committed to being a sustainability leader. 

Renewable solar energy and sustainability education is the next step toward fulfilling this commitment to the San Diego community.  Art has the power to educate; in a time of human-caused environmental extinction, art has a role to play in creative problem solving and bringing the community together around solutions.  

Lux is thankful to Build Brothers, the San Diego County Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, and our donors. 

This is why Lux has started a Sustainability Endowment to support our sustainability efforts into the future, when the community will need it most.  

You can contribute to the sustainability fund with a tax-deductible gift. 

For more information about Lux's sustainability initiatives or to donate to our new Sustainability Endowment please contact Development Director Lexi Meyerowitz at or at (760) 436-6611 ext. 227.



Our SUSTAINABILITY Community Partners

Build Brothers