Why Art?

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Join or support Lux Art Institute and discover the many ways that art matters to you. For as little as $50, you can watch resident artists at work in the Artist Pavilion, attend exhibition openings and Studio Series talks to learn more about resident artists, their ideas and their methods, as well as enjoy invitations to special events that bring together the community to encounter art and experience the creative process.

Why Art Matters

Art matters because it is beautiful.
Art matters because it requires hard work.
Art matters because it is a universal language.
Art matters because it reveals and inspires creativity.
Art matters because it makes us see the world in new ways.
Art matters because it is what remains when civilizations are destroyed.
Art matters because it challenges our assumptions.
Art matters because it makes us feel good.
Art matters because it matters to you.

Tell us why art matters to you, and we will add your voice to the list.   Submit your thoughts to:

Why Art Matters to the Lux Community

Art matters to me because it can communicate without words -- Jen P.

Art matters because it is an outlet for when I have ideas or am inspired and I want to do something with it. Art is what educates me and keeps me interested and is what connects me with other people and the community.  -- Chloe


Give to Lux Education

Lux began its education outreach initiative with the Valise Project in 2000, before building a permanent home with the Artist and Education Pavilions. The Valise Project, which today continues to bring hands‐on experience with museum‐quality art to classrooms all around San Diego, was the start of an ongoing, passionate commitment to help young people throughout San Diego County develop their creativity. We invite you to help Lux build on that commitment by donating to these education programs. Young people throughout San Diego are grateful for your support!